BCS Finder

The BCS finder is a small utility which uses a UDP based locator protocol to find BCS devices on the local network. It will only work if it is run from a computer on the same network as the BCS.

If the finder utility does not locate your BCS, you likely have an underlying networking problem that must be resolved.

Examples include:

  • The BCS is not physically on the same network segment as your computer.
  • Your network router is not supplying DHCP addresses to new clients on your network.
  • Your network router is supplying DHCP addresses that are not defined on the same segment as the current settings of your computer.
  • You have configured an incompatible static IP address in the BCS via the Settings page.


BCS Finder has been tested on Linux Mint running from the source code. Please see the README for information on running under Linux.

Source Code

The source code for BCS Finder is available on GitHub.